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Strengthening Research and Development to Make Unique and Exquisite Products and Promote Sustainable Development of the Enterprise

Time:2019-05-06 00:00:00

Manufacturing industry is the main body of the real economy, the pillar of the national economy, the foundation of the nation, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the basis of the strong country. Under the backdrop of vigorously implementing the innovation-driven strategies for manufacturing industry and strengthening the core driving force of scientific and technological innovation, Lishui District held a meeting on manufacturing industry on 6 May 2017 in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. It was a high-level meeting, which all the standing members of the CPC Lishui District Committee attended. Huang Xin, chairman of Nanjing Abnen Sealing Technology Co., Ltd attended the meeting and made remarks as a representative of small and medium- sized sci-tech enterprise together with representatives of three other enterprises including Kinglong Automobile, Yunhai Special Metal and Chang’an Automobile.

     As Xie Yuan, party secretary of the CPC Lishui District Committee, pointed out in his speech, Abnen and other leading small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises have become an indispensable pillar of local economic development thanks to their high starting point, high sci-tech content, high market share, high output value per capita and great tax contribution.

As a company specializing in chemical sealing and bonding technology research and development, product manufacturing, and marketing, since the beginning of the establishment, Abnen has firmly made the pursuit of "serving the country through industries", consciously practiced the "strategic corporate social responsibility" and integrated the social responsibility into the Company’s strategic system and daily business operation. At the strategic level, the Company focuses on organic impregnant that is of world-class zero pollution, recyclable and environmental-friendly and the full-automatic impregnation equipment. The Company targets German Henkel Company, an international first-class enterprise, to participate in the international competition with the latest technology and the strongest products.

Upholding the concept that technology is the king and vigorously implementing the talent strategy is one of the key factors to Abnen’s success. The Company has attracted and introduced a number of experts in the fields of polymer materials, metal surface treatment, and automation control of domestic key colleges and universities and staff with doctor’s degree or master’s degree to form a strong R&D team.

Abnen has continuously increased investment in R & D. Aiming at the international edge and focusing on the high-end of the industry, the Company continuously accelerates the process of R & D and industrialization of the new products, and the R & D expense accounts for more than 8% of the sales revenue. While cooperating with many key universities inChina, Abnen has built a leading and well-functioned laboratory with international top-level experimental equipment. The New-Type Sealing Material Engineering Technology Research Center of the Company has been recognized by Nanjing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, having obtained 55 patents (of which 10 are patent of invention), and the number of its patented technologies in this field exceeds any peers in the world.

Abnen has been rated as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Private Sci-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”, “Advanced Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Innovation”, and “Taxed Enterprise with Level-A Credit in Jiangsu Province”. Five products have been awarded “High-tech Product”, the organic impregnant has been rated as the “special, exquisite, unique and new” product and listed as a new product to be particularly popularized and applied in Jiangsu Province. In 2014, the product has passed the recognition of the Volkswagen Laboratory inWolfsburg,Germanyand thus Abnen became the first chemical sealing Chinese company to have access to the supporting system of Volkswagen Group. The trademark “ABNEN” is recognized as a famous trademark ofJiangsuProvince. The Company was listed on the New OTC (Over the Counter) Market in 2016.

In his speech, chairman Huang Xin said that Abnen will firmly seize the policy opportunity of vigorously developing advanced manufacturing industry in the country, targeting the goal of building a national-level individual champion of manufacturing industry, unswervingly following the road of making special, unique, excellent and exquisite products. 

To this end, Abnen will continue to increase investment in scientific research, and strive to improve the technical content and market added value of the products to realize the patent application of technologies, standardization of patents and internationalization of standards. In 2017, the proportion of investment in scientific research was increased from 8% to 10% of operation income, and in 2018, Abnen’s R & D input was up to 15.6% of the operation income.

      Abnen will also continue to accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, give full play to the comparative advantages, carry forward the craftsmanship, extend and expand domestic and international markets to make the "niche products" exquisite, competitive and large-scaled. The Company will increase the input of market development to make Abnen’s technology and product application to expand from cars to rail transit and personal mobile terminals, have access to Apple and Huawei mobiles as planned and strive to have Abnen products used on iphone10 mobiles in large quantities.

The Company will strengthen brand building to cultivate the time-honored store. While introducing management talents, setting up the modern enterprise system, and strengthening the standard management of the enterprise, we will enhance internal capabilities and external image, and strengthen the external publicity to further improve the enterprise's popularity and reputation.

Chairman Huang Xin finally said that Abnen will keep the original ideal and ambition in mind, adhere to the original intention, and make positive actions to consolidate its leading position in the global chemical impregnation sealing industry, and make new and greater contributions to the local social and economic development with unique technologies, excellent products and complete industrial technological solutions.