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Three R & D assistants are wanted.

Job description:

1、Participating in experimental testing and research and development, recording and analyzing the experimental process and putting forward one’s own insights, and communicating with the supervisor regarding the experiment;

2、According to the R & D goal, making the R & D plan, completing the corresponding experiment, and ensuring the integrity of the experimental record and the objectivity of the data;
3、Analyzing the data in time and writing the summary;
4、Being responsible for the instrument maintenance and management and the daily management of the laboratory;
5、Other related work arranged by the head of the department.


1、With a bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in applied chemistry, polymer chemistry, etc
2、Having a good master of chemical theory, familiar with laboratory instruments, and understanding the commonly used chemical professional software;
3、Working carefully and seriously, with good manual dexterity, diligent, and able to finish the work in a proactive way