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  Founded in the1990s, Nanjing Abnen Sealing Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of chemical impregnation and sealing technology. The series of products developed by the Company have been widely used in aviation, high-speed rail, automobile, new energy, electronics and so forth, in particular, the impregnation sealant in the field of light alloy pressure-bearing casting takes up over 70% of the market share in mainland China.
       Adhering to the concept of "technology is the king”, focusing on the international leading edge and the high end of the industry, the Company is constantly speeding up the research, development and commercialization of new products, having attracted and introduced a number of experts in the fields of polymer materials, metal surface treatment, and automation control of domestic key colleges and universities and more than 50 staff with doctor’s degree or master’s degree to form a strong R&D team. The Company’sNew-TypeSealantEngineeringTechnologyResearchCenterandNanjingIndustrialDesignCenterhave been approved by Nanjing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology. Having won 85 patents (of which 15 are patent of invention), the Company’s patents in the field of impregnation sealant outweigh any peers in the world. Having passed the Quality System Certification of ISO9001 and IATF16949, as well as the Environmental and Occupational Health Safety Management System of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, the Company is the first one of its kind to become a supplier of Volkswagen Group. The Company’s R & D cost in 2018 was as high as 15.6% of its operation revenue.
       The Company will continuously increase the investment in R & D, and strive to improve the technical content and market added value of products to realize patent application of technologies, standardization of patents and internationalization of standards. While seizing the existing high-end customers, the Company will continue to expand both domestic and overseas markets, and take the lead in the global chemical sealing technology by means of unique technologies, leading products, and complete industrial technical solutions in the three areas of personal mobile terminals, automobile and high-speed rail.
  Upholding the core values of "Attention, Sincerity, Responsibility, and Gratitude" and the business concepts that “the corporate culture determines the corporate fate, the morality determines the products, the quality changes the fate, we grow up together, and we share”, the Company strives to fulfill the corporate mission of "becoming a new material chemical company in China which is loved by customers, trusted by shareholders, prided by employees and respected by competitors". The Company regards talents as the corporate greatest wealth, and attracts talents from all over the world by adopting the talent strategy of paying great attention to the talents, taking care of the talents, cultivating the talents scientifically, making use of the talents reasonably, and working hard to improve the talents to join hands for a sharing and win-win outcome.